Over the last 15 years, I’ve specialized in helping businesses in healthcare & wellness, education and technology create and market meaningful solutions for their customers.

It’s been my goal to help mission-driven businesses innovate and serve their customers through human-centered user experience design and research.

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Additional projects below are protected for confidentiality. Reach out to learn more about my work.


  • Improved initiatives for operationalizing social emotional learning (SEL) in classrooms
  • Ideal welcome kits and procedures for onboarding patients onto a new treatment
  • New offerings for a major SF bank so they can attract and retain their target customer
  • Improvements to glucose monitors for diabetic patients

Design Frameworks

  • Digital interfaces for a new suite of hospital beds
  • Tools for advancing education within corporations
  • A mobile app framework for patients of any disease state to track their symptoms and progression on treatment

Detailed UI/UX Design

  • Patient / clinician matching tool and website design for a leading mental health start-up in NYC
  • Issue management software for corporate teams to seamlessly track and collaborate on company-wide and global tech issues
  • A patient support tool to monitor the health of atopic dermatitis patients

Product / Web Design Services

Design Research

Find out what your market wants, and give them what they need with ethnographic research, synthesis, workshops, and meaningful artifacts to uncover insights for innovative opportunities.

• Interview guides and facilitation
• Synthesis reports
• Stakeholder workshops
• Personas and journeys

Interaction Design

Your product is only as strong as its foundation. Interaction design assets are created for mobile/desktop websites, apps and enterprise software and delivered in a lean, agile and systematic way.

• Flows and experience maps
• Wireframes and visual designs
• Usability Testing
• Documentation

Visual/UI Design

Ensure your brand rings through everything you create. Your branding guidelines are applied with care for a cohesive look and feel across all assets, especially detailed design for your final product.

• Color and typography
• Custom illustration
• Usability testing
• Design systems

Marketing Services

Email Copywriting

Engage with your readers and promote your offers in the most compelling way. There's no better place to do that than the king of all marketing channels: email. Let's create your:

• Core nurture sequences
• Launch and promotional sequences
• Re-engagement emails for inactive readers
• Daily engagement emails to stay top-of-mind (without overwhelming your audience)

Sales Page Copywriting

Be a confidante to your reader by the time they hit the bottom of your sales page (better yet, way before then). Below are some areas where sales pages continue to have a huge impact (no matter how long they've been around):

• Online courses
• Group and 1:1 coaching programs
• E-books and countless digital/physical products
• Virtual and physical events, webinars, mini-courses

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