The Challenge

Children in schools across the U.S. often miss class or are persistently sick because of the lack of more accessible healthcare (such as flu vaccines), and disparities in patient data across platforms.

Role // UI/UX Designer and researcher
Activities // Stakeholder and user insight research, stakeholder workshops, synthesis, UI/UX design
Deliverables // Research synthesis, detailed UI/UX design, personas, journeys
Client // CareDox – NYC
Year // 2019

The Company

CareDox creates software and services aimed to better pediatric healthcare across schools in the U.S. Its suite of products are used by schools, parents and payors so that streamlined data and processes can improve children’s care.

The Approach

I assisted the CareDox team as a product designer, helping to carry out research, synthesis, and detailed design of many of their platforms, their EHR being at the forefront. It needed to be revamped as CareDox planned to scale, requiring a responsive, user-friendly and future-proof solution. As part of the process, we worked closely with the product and development teams to ensure we were aligned each step of the way. My involvement included:

  • Discussion guide writing and research preparation
  • 32 interviews with nurses, school district admins and internal CareDox members in which I facilitated and/or synthesized notes into Airtable
  • Opportunity mapping and research synthesis
  • Workshops led by the Design Director
  • Detailed interaction design and prototype creation
  • Usability testing
  • Contributing to Curriculum, CareDox’s design system, to help uphold its foundations so that it can be applied to the EHR
  • Writing internal content for the organization to educate on human-centered processes


The images below include a few wireframe and visual screens from CareDox products I worked on, as well as important artifacts that display our thought processes as we moved from the research to design phase.

The Design Team

  • Adam Bunke, Design Director
  • Bryan Colosky, Senior Designer
  • Ed Confortin, Designer
  • Karoleen Decastro, product design consultant