The Work

  • Without an established brand, other than an outdated sketch of our “Yodler”, Hans, I created a new Hans that could be scaled and customized across all branded pieces
  • As we grew the company and our offerings, we furthered the brand with an even more streamlined, sophisticated, yet still fun and human-centered look and feel

Role // Lead Visual Designer
Activities // Visual/graphic design, illustration
Deliverables // Printed ads, direct mail, internal/external apparel/collateral, infographics, targeted ads, landing pages, welcome packets
Client // In-house at Yodle – NYC
Year // 2012-2014

I joined Yodle mainly due to my graphic design and illustration background, being able to turn over printed pieces from sketches to full designs quickly and effectively. This is a sample of some one-pagers and ads, all illustrated from scratch.

While working on our backlog of marketing tasks, I recreated a new version of our Yodler, Hans, in parallel, which involved heavy research, multiple drafts and iteration.

Multiple applications of the Hans mascot in one-page ads, the main marketing website, hero banners, and more.

Once our team felt the initial brand was at an even place, we decided to push it further, with more sophisticated photo treatments, a nod to Hans via silhouette, transparent and geometric shapes to represent mountains and rising businesses, etc. This encouraged a fun brand, while still catering to hardworking, professional small businesses.

Below are a select few pages from Yodle’s welcome packet that heavily incorporated this new push forward with the brand.

We continued to create pieces that showcased our brand while also still uniquely catering to specific goals. For example, for this infographic, I illustrated versions with various color palettes so that it could stand out in different contexts.